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Has anyone had any bad experiences at Trilogy at the Vineyards in Brentwood, California? I'm considering a purchase.

The models look completely high end and very high quality. I can't imagine having the problems I'm reading here. After reading these complaints, two things come to mind. First, thousands of people buy Shea homes and I'm counting about 20 complaints here.

So, logically.. I would have to assume that most buyers are happy with their homes. In short, there will always be defects in a batch of product. That's just the way it is.

It's just unfortunate that the issues don't seem to be resolved in a satisfactory manner. Secondly, maybe quality is higher in certain demographics? I'm in the SF Bay Area with a very wealthy, demanding clientele. Hate to say it but maybe the quality would be higher here.

Sad but possibly true. If anyone has complaints about trilogy at the vineyards, please respond!

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I purchased a new home here in 2015. I am surprised to read the negative reviews here.

I will share my experience.A new home purchase is like buying any major thing in your life - you need to look out for yourself. The salespeople are not predatory and are not fraudulent, but their job is to sell so they expect that everything they say should be verified by you. I found them to be reasonably honest, open, and very professional.The home itself - the build, was outstanding. Yes, very, very good.

There was one 'major error' when a chandelier was not hung in the center of the room. It was immediately fixed - no questions asked. All other punch-list issues at closing and again at the one year review were handled quickly and to my satisfaction.There are probably 800 homes in this community today (June 2018) and I've seen a few hundred built. I certainly know of some people who have had major problems but at least to my knowledge they all - 100% - will say they were treated fairly by Shea and are happy homeowners today.The community itself and the clubhouse is a great place.I know this is the complete opposite of what you read on this website but I had to post because I couldn't believe what I was reading - it simply does not match my experience and I am certain my neighbors here would agree.

I have a lovely home that is very energy efficient.

The finishes - and I spent quite a lot on the design center - are exquisite. It's a great place to live and I highly recommend it.


I live right down the freeway two towns over in an extremely well-educated (engineering, professional demographic) Shea neighborhood. Run don't walk away


You think just because you are in SF with a "wealthy demanding clientele" that you won't get cheap quality/products? And that only the working class gets dumped on?

How snobbish for one! And I live in the metropolitan area of Washington,D.C., in a very wealthy demographic as well (heard of Potmomac housewives?). All that means is builders believe you have the money to afford to be able to make corrections, etc.

Listen to the reviews and don't think you are something special! If you do decide to buy with them, stay on top of the builder every step of the way.


Anonymous. I bought a Shea home in CA last year.

Stay clear of the builder and their mortgage co is all I will say as I am afraid of their retaliation. They share all the complaints with entire staff, even those to whom it does not concern. They make little effort to truly fix a problem, and at times have made it worse. Many problems with my build process and home itself.

I am not the only one with home issues in this neighborhood. Just don't do it.


No, logically the others did not post anything on the internet regarding their experience so it's unknown if those experience are positive or negative.

If I owned a home building business, I do expect that there would be defects from time to time.

But many of the reviews I'm reading complain about Shea's failure to deal with the defects. That's the issue.

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