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We bought a home from Shea Homes in Union County NC, we are very disappointed with the quality of the workmanship and the lock of response from the Shea Homes management to the long list of concerns we brought up prior to the closing day. On the closing day Melissa Scott and a CFO (unfortunately I can't remember his name) meet with us in order to convince us to proceed with the closing which we were ready to walk away from, they promised to visit our home and personally view and address our concerns.

The closing took place on Oct 7, 2016 and we are still waiting to hear from them or from any other member of the Shea management team to call or stopped by.

Since we moved in we have found many more issues including, floors that are sagging across the house, doors that do not stay close or open depending on their location in relation to the sagging floors, upper and lower kitchen cabinets that are pulling away from the walls, drywall panels and moldings coming apart from the ceiling, wall finishes that frankly a 5 year old could have done a much better job on. Here are some pictures of the walls in our home.

Product or Service Mentioned: Shea Homes Home Buying.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I agree Shea Homes construction along with the poor landscaping are the worst among any builder in America. Practically everything in this home that was supposed to be new construction was very flawed.

Almost all kitchen cabinets had to be replaced, pantry doors was replaced, master bedroom shower door was damaged, front door lock was loose, bottom downstairs bathroom door had to be redone and wall paint was not done correctly to match the rest of the paint in the home.

The outside landscaping were so poorly done. Now there is a huge soil erosion in the backyard which Shea refused to address even though this is new construction, and it was brought to their attention the sorry *** Kimberly neil and Adam Dannerman supposed to be a senior manager along with shady Christopher Reid who is responsible to the city denied this erosion happen on his watch.

My advice to anyone who is thinking on buying from Shea Homes in Union County don't do it.

The customer service experience along with dealing a shady builder supervisor and his minions don't know a *** thing about their jobs.

Shea employees should no this when buy their homes we are paying for them to feed their families and giving them a paycheck.

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