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I closed on my new build 9/2018. First red flag was the appraisal came out $15k under the closing price. My home was one of 2 spec homes that was left in the development and the fixtures were all chosen by the design team and they wouldn't let me change anything. Because I put so much money down, it didn't effect the closing but I was already upside down. Contracts are slated towards Shea so if I didn't close I had to forfeit all the money I put down.

My 30 day review was 9 pages long of items that needed repair. The Shea warranty woman couldn't believe that it made it through all the inspections before closing. A lot of the items were on their pre-closing list but weren't completed. I've been in my house 9 months now and I'm still working off the 30 day inspection. My bathroom tile is uneven, missing grout and has chipped tiles and they have sent the tile company out 9 times to repair and it's still damaged. They were scheduled to come this week and didn't show up.

My bathtub was damaged pre-closing and replaced and the tile guys damaged it and it had to be all torn out and replaced again. My family room ceiling had the taped drywall line showing and it was repaired 6 times before it was correct. My entire main room had to be completely floated twice to try and correct it. The whole room had to be taped off and all the furniture moved to the garage. My kitchen cabinets were damaged. Floor tiles were chipped. The sliding patio was replaced 3 times to scratches on the glass as well as the bathroom window. Four sprinkler heads were hanging out of the ceiling because someone broke them and rigged them up with tape and stuck them back up. The bathroom countertops were scratched. The front door glass was damaged on 3 of the four glass inserts. I closed with paint drippings throughout the house and on the patio outside. They didn't want to fine grade the backyard. I was left with tons of big rocks that I had to have a landscaper grade it. The list goes on and on.

All I get are excuses for the poor workmanship. I've spent countless hours taking time off of work waiting for tradesmen to get the problems fixed. I want my money back for the terrible tile job that they can't get corrected and they charged me $3800.00 for. They just want to keep sending the tile guy out. He comes and tries to fix one thing and damages several others.

HUGE mistake building with Shea Homes. Their contracts are completely slated towards the builder.

Product or Service Mentioned: Shea Homes House Construction.

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Hi, Just wondering which Shea community you are in? I’m have a home at the Shea development in Ocala, FL and have experienced much of the same decietful practices you have but not to the extreme you have. I believe it is the corporate culture of Shea to build communities and homes that are appealing on the outside but everything thing else is done as cheaply as possible with no accountability.

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