It has come to my attention that when you buy a home from a company that they would back what they tell you. Well when it comes to customer service Shea homes has none .

I had some work that was written in writting to be done, well because I waited longer than they wanted me to they told me that they will not honor there agreement.

well I spoke to everyone all the way to the CEO and still they told me that they back there employees even though they were wrong!! I would not buy from shea homes ever again....

Monetary Loss: $500.

Location: Oceanside, California

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Would never buy a shea home again

Have had nothing but noise problems caused by shoddy construction. Stay away from shea homes. They suck!


Young and first time homebuyers beware! Make sure you have a good agent who have lots of experience with builders.

Shea's home uses bait and switch tactics and predatory lending practice when you use their lender. Most buyers are tempted because they give $4k towards closing cost. These practices are illegal. In addition, they tell you that certain things will be done and pushes you to close wgen they want to but things are still left undone.

It's amazing how companies like this get away with. Be aware and look at all your documents and pay attention to timeline.

They will stick it to you and keep your earnest money. I'd never build a Shea's home.


Shea sucks.....they don't give a *** about their customer or their lousy products....


Shea is a nightmare


Hey at least you got someone to call you and talk to you, you spend your life savings and get a house but they don't care after they have gotten their money. They don't even call you back, and the HOA, it is made up of all Shea employees.

Also not used trade partners are telling the truth about outrageous prices because Shea demanded kick backs to allow them to do business with them. I won't ever but a Shea Home again


I have a home I believe in the same complex as you do, (Encanterra). I am having major difficulties with them as well. If you are interested please reply and I will give you more information


What kind of problems are you having at Encanterra?


I am interested to know what to look for when doing the sales bargaining. They offered 8k towards the social membership if we used Shea financial.

We are only mortgaging for the time it will take to sell our home. We like the Córdoba plan.


Do any of your Shea homes have a whole house water softener installed? If so, what brand?


I bought a Shea home in AZ Sept 2012. The house was built in 2006.

My stucco has started falling off in big chunks like 2 feet by 3 feet. I have has three stucco companies look at the house. All three have told me that it is a catastrophic failure do to poor workmanship. They all three agree the stucco was put on with to much sand in the mix and that my house has to have all the stucco completely removed to the wire and re stuccoed.

They all agree Shea should be responsible because it is a defect in workmanship.

I talked to Shea VP in AZ and they refuse to do anything since the house is out of warranty. I would never recommend buying a Shea home


Hire a lawyer and get a mass action suit going and fast......don't let these creeps get away with this....we are suing in redmond ridge ,Washington and believe we will prevail


My son is in the process of buying a Shea home in phoenix and before it is even done we can see large swatches of the stucco that look discolored. The direction of the "pattern" in the stucco seems to go in one direction on the lower level and another on the 2nd floor.

We are told this is normal even though it is not on any of the other houses.

They also painted the wrong color and put wrong color tiles on the roof. What to do?


My family and I moved across the USA based on promises from Shea Homes that we qualified for new homes. Long story short, they lied.

They repeatedly would tell us "do this", we would do it and they would have something else for us to do, we would do that. The credit scores were there but we had a complication regarding a land contract sale that had expired months prior to us leaving to relocate. The underwriter placed credit reject notes on the FHA website that according to our attorney, were worded entirely incorrectly and caused us not to be able to purchase the home, nor any home for 26 months. The credit reject notes were not applicable as we have proof the credit scores were and are there, they just have an underwriting department that does not know what they are doing.

Our attorney is referring us to an FHA attorney to try to resolve the issue but the bottom line is we have no home, no ability at this time to purchase a home, and the prices have skyrocketed in California so we are now priced out of the market for our income. We have run into a few sales people who used to work for Shea Homes, and they stated they all call them "Shady Shea".

We feel, as does our attorney, that due to the rising prices of homes, they pushed us out to obtain a higher price for the home from another buyer. Unfortunately, they have millions of dollars and we do not so they will win whatever immoral game they are involved in.


I bought a Shea Home in 2010. Before closing Shea presented a letter in which they said was 'legally binding'.

The letter was to promise to repair a porch roof, and stone veneer porch that had failed inspection. We trusted Shea, did everything in our power to protect ourselves and closed on the home. 7 months later, we had a leak and water damage. Shea responded and field rep Michael Bowe made a few 'repairs' and life went on.

Just this past June we had a leak yet again. Same problem and wood rot was noticed. There is plenty of damage to our roof and Shea homes won't respond to detailed letters asking for help with the roof. Long story short, they make promises, flaunt their history and warranty manual.

Once problems arise, the field rep works very hard to ignore your problems, brush them under the carpet for as long as possible. Shea did a great job in waiting out the warranty and then just walking away. Beware of the sales reps as well. Ours said things like "we have a another client interested in the home".

(the home had been vacant for over a year. My experience with Shea is that they are just another dirty business. Which is too bad. I had high hopes.

Feel free to email me at mcbird2k@gmail.com if questions.

I have detailed history, videos of the damage, and emails from Shea making promises for 2 years. It is almost hard to believe the blatant neglect.


2016 and yet another roof leak. More to come.

Shea stated that the roof was out of warranty and made sure I understood the "hurricane" rain and that there is a slim chance they would help me. A few days later, "as a courtesy" a rep showed up unexpected with his roofer. He said "we will look at it and send you photos of what we see. 1.5 months later, still waiting for the email !

Stay tuned! 6 years and still dealing with a roof/structure that Shea promised to fix.

Bandaids and and hoping I would go away is not going to cut it.


Would never ever buy another Shea Home.......and their customer service is awful! we purchased a 6 3/4 year old Shea home this year and it has been a night mare.

Unfortunately our inspector was did not catch the Black Mold in the entire front wall of the house - Pacifica design by Shea has a "tub" design above the front door outside - Shea did not flash it at all and they funneled 70% of the roofs water to one down spout Thayer goes to this "tub" abode the front door - also, the downspouts that was suppose to take the water out of the "tub" didn't have a boot on it - hence the water never gets out - for 6 3/4 years water has been going back into the house walls - all because Shea Homes doesn't bother to inspect their builders. Also, we find out they installed the roof totally wrong and water has been funneled into the house in several other areas of the house - then we find no water barrier - engineers inspection found concrete poured over the top of 2x6 that are suppose to support the front of the house ( without air - these 2x6's will rot) etc..... And there is so much more the engineer found it's just awful. Our local Shea Homes office in Charlotte NC did not call back after I sent them a copy of the engineers report - they just don't care.

We are in the process of getting the local NBC news station to do a feature on our home and how we have been treated by Shea Homes. We have pictures of Mold in the walls we have torn into - they should be ashamed of them selves!!!

Oh, my four children ( two are now on medications for breathing issues related to mold).


We were thinking of going to Phoenix AZ are in January to start to look at Shea Homes.

I am hearing a lot of complaints. Have any of the issues in question been resolved?


No, they don't care, except about their own profits. All they care about is how many houses they can slap up in a month, the customer service comes last.


Don't buy a Shea nothing but problems still after 8 years. Poor workmanship and defects throughout.


They're smooth operators but in my opinion they lie, lie. Terrible company!

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