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I'd never buy a home from Shea. These people are crooked.

Shea's mortgage and Shea Homes conspired to prevent my friend from closing on time so they could keep the earnest money. Shea Homes' attorney was pissed because my friend demanded that they put the front landscaping in before closing as stated in the contract. The landscaping was a standard feature that comes with the house. Their neighbors have been waiting for almost a year and still don't have their landscaping in because of the hot housing market in Denver.

A few days before they were to close, the insurance agent and title officer tried to get numbers from Shea but no one answer their email or phone calls, and it happened that their loan officer took the day off on the day of closing. My friends are a young couple who just had a baby. What Shea did to them was awful. They could have gone to arbitration or sue Shea but their hands were tied.

They couldn't afford an attorney or pay for an arbitrator. Judging from what Shea had done to them they felt helpless. They didn't think they could go against a big company that has deep pocket and since Shea Homes had thin skin just because they questioned them about their landscaping, they wrote Shea Homes a heartfelt letter asking for their money back. The last I heard, Shea Homes offered them 1/2 of their earnest back.

They didn't just lost $4,000 of their earnest money but their house.

I believe Shea Homes was really wrong and should give them their full refund or do the right thing and hold their end of the contract and give them back their house.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $4000.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Location: Commerce City, Colorado

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Tell your friends to get all paperwork together and then go to the state Attorney general and then to FBI.

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