If you are considering buying a Shea home please re consider. I have a Shea Home in Surprise AZ that was built in 2006.

The house went into foreclosure in 2009. Was bought by a couple in March of 2012 and then We bought it in Sept. 2012. with in six months of buying the house the Stucco started falling off.

I had a Stucco company look at it and they told me it was defective stuccoing from the beginning and the stucco needs to be torn off and re done to the tune on 20,000. They also said Shea should be responsible. I had Greg Redmon of Shea take a look he agreed there was a problem but when he heard the house had been foreclosed he said Shea would not stand behind anything. He gave me the name of a Stucco company for a second opinion.

This company agreed with the first and told me it was so bad I should file a complaint with the Registry of Contractors ( this was a company that Shea recommended). The ROC said they only handled complaints two years from first escrow. I had a third company take a look that agreed with the first two and he Said I should talk to someone higher up in Shea. I was given the name Greg Powell VP for AZ.

He was very abrupt did not want to here me said Greg had told him everything and they would not do anything since it is out of Warranty.

I have since found out that the Stucco started falling off the home back in 2009 and all the bank did to sell it was put a patch over what was falling off and that patch is failing along with the rest of the house. I now have two Realtor s and and investigator working on this issue with no help from Shea.

Location: Phoenix, Arizona

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Wow, glad I found this out...no way am I doing business with this company. Thanks for throwing me a lifeline.


I would caution anyone from buying any home Built in 2006. That was the height of the real estate frenzy, especially here in Arizona.

There were so many people buying homes they could not afford, so many builders willing to take the money anyway, and not enough construction workers or subcontractors to build all those houses. Certainly, the people buying the homes were mislead as most likely was the original owner of your own home.

The builders hired anyone with a shovel and a trowel and it seems Shea failed to use a stucco sub they knew well and trusted. I hope that Isn't happening now in this very small recovery we are having but your story gives me some questions to ask when I meet with our project coordinator.


I will stay away from Shea...& to think I was thinking about contacting them for a retirement home.Thank-you.Your review is to the point.Loved it.

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